Patreon Debut!

Hello Patreon!

We are new to the Community but long-time supporter & fans!

Who we are

Life More Abundant is a Ministry dedicated to spreading the Good News of the Gospel one life at a time! Our aim is to bring relevant and powerful testimony of the Gospel to the men of this generation. Firstly the Believer first, as a way to empower. Secondly to the skeptic, as a way to challenge. Our goal is to engage with skeptics, seekers and the mature Believers.

Likewise we have spent years thinking and writing and planning the material that we share. Most of it comes from lived experience. Some of it as the result of years of reflection on the Word. All are welcome. Engage with us and support our ministry and mission on Patreon.

It is our sincere hope that we can grow togetehr. We are not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination. However, we are being perfected by God. He is Perfect.

What we do

We create Articles, Essays, Podcasts, Poetry, eBooks and much more on topics ranging from love to lust, marriage, apologetics and everything in between. From short essays to songs and spoken word, we intend to push, pull, prod and challenge everyone to a close walk with Jesus Christ.

Why Patreon

Also like many of you, we spend lots of time being informed. Especially during the Covid lockdowns . One of these places was “China Uncensored” and “America Uncovered”. We saw that they, as like-minded patriots, depended on the support of their viewers through Patreon. Other platforms could no longer be trusted to monetize their content. So, they decided to skip the middle man and go to the end-user. We have seen how many other worthwhile causes fund through Patreon and knew that it would be the way to go for us.

As always, we welcome your prayers, interactions and, of course, financial donations.

We look forward to engaging with as many of you as possible through the years!