Reckless Love – Cover Release

Hello everyone! Very big day for our family today! We’ve just released our #Reckless_love cover on Youtube. The song is also available on CD Baby. As always, all proceeds go back into the ministry. God bless you all!

Reckless Love

Life More Abundant

Hello Everyone,

Today is July 14th, 2019 and it is our first day on the web! We pray that the material that we make available here is both inspiring as well as thought-provoking and it is a support for your daily walk with Christ Jesus. 

It is our fervent belief and unconditional trust in the Lord that the discussions, poems, podcasts, music and all the other materials you will find here are a consistent source of encouragement and place of restoration from the daily grind of life and the struggles that accompany them. 

Life More Abundant Ministries was born from the desire to break the barriers that we as humans build between each other and around ourselves which the enemy of our soul uses to keep us starved and weak: barriers of denominations and parochialism. It is the mission of this ministry to make available all kinds of resources, to both the mature Believer and the sincere seeker, that will enable them to live a life that is pleasing to God. 

Jesus said to His disciples and the crowd: “I have come to give you Life, and Life in abundance!” However, too often, we as Christians, struggle terribly to live this “overcoming” life: struggles with money, work, home, kids, spouse, and circumstances take up the biggest chunks of our time; God is left with those last few moments at night or those quick few words in the morning as we head out the door. We’re not here to judge, we’ve all been there, saying to ourselves “God knows, He understands”. Yes, God does know, He does understand! But, as the song lyrics teach us “we were made for so much more, but we lost ourselves”.

In these Last Days, His Word has never been more readily accessible and yet so underutilized by Believers and non-believers alike. Also, in the midst of these strange times, never has there been a more public profession of faith by countless millions of believers from all walks of life around the world accompanied by the greatest persecution of the Underground Church in history. Thankfully, God teaches us that it doesn’t have to be that way! We as Christians can do better at proclaiming our faith, defending our faith and living our faith. Life More Abundant’s Mission is to support and strengthen Believers in doing exactly that.

All of our material is aimed, as Ravi Zacharias would say, “helping the ‘thinker’ believe and the ‘believer’ think”! From poems to songs, from lyrics to sermons and books, podcasts and pamphlets on apologetic as well as posts on the challenges of Christian living. We encourage you to bookmark us and join the conversation so as to better equip each other on reaching the fullness of what God has in store for us.  

Just like the Saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ, all of this written material is of course…Free of Charge! We do, however, encourage yo if you can, if you want, to donate any amount to support this ministry. We sustain this work exclusively from God’s Providence through your giving and through our own funds. There’s no obligation and no pressure, simply a desire to bless others with our gifts. It is our prayer that you join us spiritually, emotionally and financially, if possible, to reach, teach and keep souls for Christ in a Life that is more abundant! God bless you!