About us

God, be it multiplied!

Thank you for visiting our site, we’re glad you’re here! Life More Abundant International Ministries was born from a desire to see and help the Church grow beyond the physical confines of our local congregations and shed the artificial barriers that surround and separate us. Many of us would say that we “belong” to a particular church, or that we’re “members” of a particular denomination. Implicitly and subconsciously, we’re using those words to signal our belonging to the overall Body spread to the far corners of the Earth. All of this is, in our opinion,just fine: there is co condemnation for “belonging” to a church or denomination; Jesus himself said that He will make one flock out of many, so if you’re a Baptist or a Lutheran or a Evangelical or whatever else you may be, we’re all welcome at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, provided we’ve RSVP’d properly.

However, although our Heavenly Father doesn’t necessarily recognize these man-made divisions among the flock, the Apostle Paul warned us about dividing the Church according to leaders, saying: “I am of Paul” or “I am of Apollo”. Today’s versions would something like: “I am of Hagee” or “I am of Jakes” and still others “I am of MacDonald“. All of these pastors are amazingly blessed and talented Christians who they themselves would warn us against such divisions! The proof that sectarianism is of no consequence is God Himself: all of these great ministries all over the country and around the world are well-funded,well-attended and have powerful outreach ministries that affect, for good, the world around them, and it is up each and every one of us to do our part.

As for us, after prayerful consideration, we’ve come to the conclusion that it is time to join the Frey, stand and be counted. There is much work to be done and each one of us has been given a particular set of Gifts of which it is our responsibility and privilege to steward and apply to the profit of Him who gives freely to all of us according to His purpose: to reach, teach and keep souls for the Kingdom. In regards to our reason for being here in this forum is to, as Ravi Zacharias would say “Help the thinker believe and the believer think”. Make no mistake, now more than ever, we as believers, need to be fully equipped to do the Spiritual Battle the Lord has called us to: our arena, Lord willing, will be exactly that: to stimulate both Believers and sincere seekers to think more deeply, believe more completely and proclaim more boldly the Truth of the Gospel, in Truth and Love.

So, without further ado, the following is our Mission Statement:

  1. To Reach, Teach and Keep Souls for Christ
    • Support Missionaries
      1. Financial Support
      2. Networking
      3. Prayer
    • Support Youth & Young Adult Groups
      1. Organizing Events
      2. Mentoring
      3. Equipping Leaders
    • Support Local Congregations
      1. Promote local Church Events
      2. Encourage local Church Attendance 
      3. Advertise local Church locations
  2. Support Believers in becoming all God has created them to be by promoting:
    • Balanced Bible-Based Living
    • Christian Culture & Lifestyle
    • Centrality of Judeo-Christian principles in modern society.
  3. Support Christians in their daily life through:
    • Apologetic
      1. Publications 
      2. Course Offerings
    • Financial Support
      1. Donations
      2. Crowdfunding efforts
      3. Foundation Grants
    • Individual ministry goals
      1. Mentoring
      2. Guidance
      3. Funding

Now, you may read this and think to yourself “what a gargantuan task!” and, after agreeing with you, I would say: isn’t this exactly what we’re called to do? Proclaim the Kingdom to the poor, win souls for Christ, keep souls for Christ and teach others to do the same! If you are like us, then you believe in a big God, in a God that is ready, willing and able to do with us and through us, as the Scriptures proclaim, “greater works” than those written of in the Gospels: healing of the sick, raising of the dead and the winning of souls for the Kingdom. We encourage you to join us in writing, speaking, sharing, recording, casting on any and all things Christian and share it here with us: help us help others through prayer, mentoring, and the providing of physical and financial needs. Prayerfully consider becoming a sponsor, either one-time or on a recurring basis to keep this ministry going. You can find us here on our GoFundMe page. It is our fervent prayer that what you find here may enlighten, inspire and strengthen your daily Christian walk. God Bless You!