Christians’ Hate Crimes

Christian Hate Crimes

There has been a lot of dialogue these days about hate crimes. And you can’t talk about hate crimes without throwing the word “Christian” into the mix. It seems that the World can’t help but tie Christianity in general and Christians, in particular, to hate crimes with every opportunity they get. The time has come to set the record straight.

Christians’ hate and their crimes

I’ve often heard the quote, “if you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you”? Over the years I have given my indictability considerable thought. The following is a non-exclusive list of indictments to measure your culpability as a Christian hate crimes culprit. But beware, only the most committed Christians commit all the hate crimes necessary to make it on the World’s most wanted list.

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Christians’ Hate Crime #1: Naturalistic Worldview?

Perhaps the easiest one to figure out, even for the most novice Christian is the belief in a binary gender and heterosexual worldview. That is if you believe that genetically, physically, biologically and most importantly, naturally, there can be only men and women you are by definition a bigot. Scientists have spent the last three centuries preaching to us that “nature is all there is“. They insist anything that cannot be observed, weighed, measured, or otherwise experienced through the five senses is pure superstition. Now that we are stating their axiom back to them to show how misguided their 27 genders are, they decide to move the goalpost. 

That new goalpost is now Relativism.  Secularists quickly realized that their “scientific method” approach to categorizing and cataloging everything was limited. Nature, after all, screams out rules and order while since the ’60s they’ve been screaming “I did it my way”. Nature doesn’t allow for same-sex members of a population to add value to the gene pool. 

We could go on and on about how even their theory of evolution, despite their best efforts, doesn’t explain why “nature” would allocate resources to individuals with “homosexual” tendencies. They insist that some species engage in homosexual relationships. They cannot fathom these behaviors being part of anything else. Things like establishing hierarchy. No. They like how their flawed ideology gives them the bandwidth to feel great about themselves while still accusing Christians and others of hate crimes. 

Christians’ Hate Crime #2: Binary Mindset

Along similar lines of Christian Hate Crimes #1, if your worldview brings you to the conclusion that sexual relations can only happen between a man and a woman then you have automatically denied the existence of the other 20+ genders. Such bigotry! The fact that there is not one shred of objective scientific evidence to support it doesn’t stop the humanists. There “evidence” is based on “sociological experiments” and surveys. Again, nothing to do with objective, measurable data points. 

“Lucy, you’ve got some splaining to do!”

The poster child by far for this insanity should be this story out of the California prison system. A transgender inmate at Chino Prison Facility is now… you guessed it. Pregnant. Feel free to read the story. When you return from being totally disgusted, please leave a comment below for a possible explanation on what brought this biological man-turned-woman to feel the “urge” to allegedly raping several women. 

Christian hate crimes
Transgender biological male in all-women prison fathering children.

The world doesn’t require that you hate those who differ and practice differently for it to be considered a hate crime. Not at all. If you’re a Christian, all it takes to commit this hate crime is to simply speak that worldview aloud. In most cases being known for espousing these views is proof enough. In fact, the crime is aggravated if you are speaking such Truth to someone that practices a homosexual lifestyle. It adds insult to injury. Often, they are so enraged by your Christianity that no sensible argument you can possibly muster ever makes it through their preconceived notions. 

Christians’ Hate Crime #3: Exclusive ideology

Another humanistic hate crime that Christians always trigger has to do with other religions. Christians (and every other world belief system) claim exclusivity to Truth. Like any sane believer of any religion, Christians believe that their worldview is the correct one. Claiming Jesus is the only way to God is the easiest way to get labeled a bigot. Anyone that claims this to others is automatically associated with the worst crimes in history and affiliated with the most unredeemable among us. 

The benefit of a poor education

Secularists have a funny way of recalling history. In their mind, Hitler was a Christian.  Mao, Pol Pol, and Stalin on the other hand were Athiest visionaries. From where they’re standing “religion killed more people” than any other difference among humans combined. These so-called humanists forget who were the targets of their cleansing. Stalin persecuted the Christians and homosexuals alike. The Gulags were full of them. The open graves were full of gypsies and Jews and other undesirables. Luckily for them, those truths never make it into the halls of liberal academia. In the end, they will be able to claim ignorance as their defense. 

Secularists have a funny way of recalling history. In their mind, Hitler was a Christian. On the other hand, Mao, Pol Pol, and Stalin were misunderstood Athiest visionaries. Click To Tweet

Net Neutrality for Religions

Again, as you can imagine Islam or Judaism have exclusive claims of their own. Yet, Christians are special in the sense that the hate crime label applies only to them. When Muslims say “there is only one god, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet”, the humanists don’t seem as easily triggered to label that as a hate crime. Even as I write this post, spell-check wants me to capitalize the word “god” in the Muslim credo above, but often doesn’t require the same when writing of the Judeo-Christian God (Exhibit A). 

They actually go a step further and at times encourage the message of Islam over the “hegemonic” Christian worldview in the name of plurality. The reason? Christianity has had such a long solid run unopposed in the western world for so long.  In their logic, regardless of its merits, Islamdeserves a hand up.

Basically, it comes down to this. The Christian’s hate crime is actually that of being a Christian. No one holds the atheist to such standards! Accusing an atheist of hate crimes is unheard of! The same holds true for Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, and all the rest. These individuals are, rightly, entitled to their exclusive, black and white, in or out worldview. However, when Christians opine their deeply held beliefs, the “hate crime” label is never too far away. 

The exception to every rule

Unfortunately for Jews, antisemitism is never out of style amongst secularists. For that matter, almost every ideology in the history of mankind has always left a spae to hate on Jews in a special way. However, the hate expressed towards Jews is not specifically of a religious nature. As Christians, we know that the demonic powers behind humanism and secularism have always hated the seed of Abraham and the sons of Jacob.

Unfortunately for Jews, antisemitism is never out of style amongst secularists. For that matter, almost every ideology in the history of mankind has always left a spae to hate on Jews in a special way. Click To Tweet

Let us reason together

I know. Many of you have tried to explain yourselves too many times before. You’ve exhausted your energy and resources trying to explain that Christianity and Christians don’t hate people that are different; We are to love them. You’ve ceded more ground than you will ever admit to just so that you can have some commonality, a least common denominator, to start a dialogue from. All of that only taught you one thing: if you want them to agree with you, you have to cede it all! They don’t particularly care if you’re best friend is (fill in the blank). That just makes you a closet hater. That is actually worse. In that case, your Christian hatred is subconscious and deeply rooted in who you have always been. It’s the basics of the CRT movement. But that’s a story for another day.

What Would Jesus Do?

It seems that, as Christians, there’s only one way to get out of this hate crimes mess. For many of us, the answer occurred to us by the second or third paragraph. Some of us are a bit more thick-skulled. Too many of us are enjoying the debate too much. I put myself at the head of the pack. When someone accuses me or Christians of hate crimes, I don’t refer them back to the Bible; I don’t turn the other cheek (Mat 5:39). I get into it with them to show them how smart I am and how wrong they are. Rather than pointing them to the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I point them to my “intellect”: the very thing that I’m arguing against.

Christian hate crimes
He would love first

A few decades ago, the acronym “WWJD” went mainstream. It began with Christian youth groups and slowly spread to all Believers.   These days, non-believers use it in jest or sarcasm when looking to shut down an argument with a loud-mouth Christian. What Jesus would do is still confusing for many of us. We talk about the Jesus of the New Testament as a loving “softy” while trying to reconcile Him with the hardline Yahweh of the Old Testament. We dish out fire and brimstone and expect them to come to Salvation through Faith by Grace. The saying “you’re the only Bible people will ever read” finds, all too often, little application in our everyday lives (2 Cor 3:2-3). 

Where to go from here

In the end, this debate is not about winning the argument. The Triune God and His inspired Word don’t depend on our lackluster defense to transform lives. It’s actually the other way around. Our evangelism efforts depend wholly on Him. We have to understand that the debate is only an opportunity to engage in dialogue. Yes, stand up for what is True, Just, and Right and Wrong and Sin and its wages. But by all means, don’t make people trip over you on their way to Him. Next time, don’t point them to your eloquence or your grasp of Christian theology. Point them to Jesus and His word. The same Power that rose Lazarus and Jesus from the grave, split the Red Sea, and converted Saul of Tarsus is still able to change hearts and minds. 



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