Come, Let us REASON together!

Debating without Debasing
Darwin                                vs.                                  Jesus 

I hadn’t been on Twitter in a loooong time. My previous experience had totally turned me off to the whole “everyone has a valid voice” pitch of social media. Most of the voices that claimed to be “Prophets in the Wilderness” were simply Predators in the Wild West. Everyone was screaming against something, never for something.

In the little time I’ve been back, I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised. I’ve had some very honest, open and sincere conversations with believers and non-believers alike: one gentleman in particular was even gracious enough to say that, to have a better-informed conversation, he needed to come back at a later time, after having done some digging.

I encourage all of us, as Christians and non-believers alike, to realize that if we are truly interested in discovering the TRUTH for ourselves and exposing others to it, and not simply proselytizing with our ears clogged, we have to withdraw from name-calling and insults and taking personal offense at other people’s ideas: if we all can at least agree that we share a common humanity than we are all equally capable of understanding: especially the Truths we espouse are so easily and readily accessible. In this very crucial time in our republic and one of the most divisive times in man’s history, let us all find each other in this old and powerful Scripture: “Come, let us reason together”, knowing and believing that “I don’t agree” is not synonymous with “I hate you”.

As Christians we are convinced that Jesus loves sinners because, well, He loves us! Let us therefore debate people’s ideas, not their dignity.

In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Author: Life More Abundant

Bondservant to Jesus, Married to Michele, Dad to Madelyn, Claudia, and Joseph and educator by trade. Antonio loves to read, write, and discuss all-things-apologetics. He has many passions in life including reaching, teaching, and keeping men for Jesus Christ. Waiting on God’s big reveal: Antonio knows He has something beautiful in mind.